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Curious by nature, I created The Real Estate Sessions Podcast to get the origin stories of leaders in the real estate industry. I hope you enjoy!

Dec 4, 2018

For Episode 170, we travel across the Pacific to chat with Matt Beall, CEO and Principal Broker with Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers. Matt started the brokerage in 2008 and has grown the company across the Islands. Most recently, he joined forces with The Choi Group on Oahu, further expanding Hawaii Life's presence. Listen in as Matt shares his story about discovering Hawaii, embracing the culture and his passion for giving back to the state he loves.

02:10 - Where did Matt grow up?

04:10 - What makes Kauai so special?

05:10 - What's the biggest misconception about Hawaii?

07:55 - What did Matt do before becoming a Realtor?

11:00 - How did the previous work and world travel impact the ability to connect with people?

12:45 - The process from a new agent, to broker in charge, to Founder of Hawaii Life

16:05 - What was the first experience like at Inman Connect San Francisco?

21:15 - Partnering up with The Choi Group on Oahu

23:30 - What does the technology look like behind Hawaii Life?

24:50 - The importance of volunteerism for Matt

30:00 - What is Worthshop and why is it important?

32:10 - Matts take on the iBuyer/LowCost Listing models

37:35 - What one piece of advice would you a new agent just getting started in the business?


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