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Curious by nature, I created The Real Estate Sessions Podcast to get the origin stories of leaders in the real estate industry. I hope you enjoy!

Jun 5, 2018

Episode 144 features the brainpower behind the number one team in Maricopa as well as the number one team for all of Realty One Group. To be honest, I have interviewed Jeff and Phil separately, nearly 2 years ago. I felt it was time to revisit and look at their success, as well as things they are currently working on. Enjoy, as I quickly lose control of my show.

04:00 - A look at where the Sibbach Team is today

06:30 - Where did "Stop Commission Compression" come from?

12:15 - The Sibbach Team and lead generation

14:50 - A look at traditionalist myths

19:45 - Jeff and Phil's take on iBuyers in the market

22:45 - Why agents need to keep up with today's tech

29:30 - What is

35:45 - What piece of advice would you give a new agent in the business?