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Curious by nature, I created The Real Estate Sessions Podcast to get the origin stories of leaders in the real estate industry. I hope you enjoy!

Jul 23, 2019

Real Estate Sessions Rewind - Joe Rand, Managing Partner, Better Homes and Garden Rand Realty - Originally published 3/26/19

Episode 184 brings Inman Connect moderator/interviewer extraordinaire Joe Rand, Managing Partner of Better Homes and Garden Rand Realty to the show. Joe shares his story of growing up in the suburbs of Manhattan, heading off to become a Manhattan lawyer, vowing never to return to SUMA (suburbs of Manhattan), and doing just that in 2010. Listen in to Joe's adventure.


02:35 What is your style when speaking to a group or your company?
05:10 - You live in Rockland County, right? Did you grow up in the area? Can you describe for the listeners how different New York is just a few miles up the Hudson from Manhattan?
08:18 - I always ask guests near the Tri-State area the following question - Yankees/Mets? Giants/Jets? Rangers/Islanders? Nets/Knicks? 
11:13 - Your blog, The Move to SUMA, details your journey from urban life to suburban life. It’s been 10 years since you made the transition. How’s it going?
16:30 - You attended Georgetown as an undergrad and completed law school there. Talk about the decision to head to DC and what was the career path for you had in mind?
20:25 -  What does your brokerage look like today in terms of agent count, volume, locations?
23:35 -  You are passionate about the client experience. Let’s start with CORE - Client Oriented Real Estate. How do you describe this and how did it begin?
29:25 - Listing consultations versus Listing presentations
35:25 - a better way to connect with neighbors around a new listing
40:30 - Sharing freely with the industry is a good thing
43:05 - Your first book,  Disruptors, Discounters, and Doubters: A Guide for the Client-Oriented Future of the Real Estate Industry, addresses the need for agents to change the way they do business and really focus on clients to fend off the triple D threat, right?
45:45 - If you could give one piece of advice to a new agent just getting started in the business, what would it be?
Purchase "How to be a Great Real Estate Agent"
Purchase "Disruptors, Discounters, and Doubters - A Guide for the Client Oriented Future of the Real Estate Industry